About Sports Center USA

Sports Center USA has become a cornerstone in the Lehigh Valley, offering sporting goods, customized team apparel, and associated services since 2000. 

Focusing primarily on private, high school, and college sectors allows us to provide our current and prospective customers unparalleled service through a consistent experience with us each and every time! 

Mission Statement 

At Sports Center USA, we operate on the principle that “wisdom cannot be confined to a specialized field, nor is it an academic discipline; it is the consciousness of wholeness and integrity that transcends both.” 

Paying complete attention to detail and consistently and intentionally delivering quality, superior results, Sports Center USA sets the standard. 

Who We Are 

Built from a passion for all sports, Joe Lococo founded Sports Center USA in 2000. From there, Joe added services to the product offerings, rounding out a single point of contact for all products and services for your team. In 2016, Alexandra & Josh Miller took over the business and have continued to supply the area with custom goods and services.